Random Stuff

Title: Better Looking Code Snippets - Carbon?


Testing out new code snippets

Title: Home Network Setup


Multi-part series about setting up a secure home network with data visualizations.

Title: Setting Up a Pi-Hole


How to install a network based ad and tracker blocker called Pi-hole

Title: Bluetooth, Kali, and the Pi


Getting the Bluetooth keyboard to work with Kali and Raspberry Pi

Title: Dark Mode Everywhere


Add dark mode to all sites

Title: Handheld Kali - Part One: Installing Kali

Summary: This is a 3-4 part series on building a handheld Kali device using a raspberry pi. The first part will just be the parts list and installing Kali. 

Title: Live Linux Wallpaper


Short how to on setting up a live wallper (.mp4) on linux. In my case it's Arch

Title: Using OpenVPN with TryHackMe


How to connect and verify connection to Try Hack Me network.